DigiFashion Forum 2023

29 March Taipei, TW and online
Drive innovation and new ventures in fashion

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About DigiFashion Forum

Rethink Fashion

DigiFashion Forum aims at building a digital fashion network with world leading thought leaders, professionals, angel investors, tech experts, designers and creators, to introduce the future of fashion, redefine the value chain, build new ventures, and connect worldwide stakeholders in the fashion industry. Want to transform your business with digital fashion experts? Email digi-fashion@kinjio.com and we can discuss.

Why Join Us

  • Learn firsthand digital fashion market trends
  • Get a unique chance to talk with thought leaders IRL
  • Be Inspired by digital fashion experts from all over the world
  • Discover the leading “phygital” fashion brands
  • Learn to protect your creative IP
  • Grow your network
  • Find your next business venture
  • Get selected to win your own metaverse builder


  • March 29, 2023 14:00 UTC+8 (Taipei, Hong Kong, Singapore, …)
  • March 29, 2023 17:00 UTC+11 (Sydney)
  • March 29, 2023 15:00 UTC+9 (Tokyo)
  • March 29, 2023 13:00pm UTC+7 (Bangkok, Jakarta, …)
  • March 29, 2023 11:30 UTC+5:30 (New Delhi)
  • March 29, 2023 07:00 UTC+1 (London)
  • March 29, 2023 08:00 UTC+2 (Berlin, Paris, …)
  • March 29, 2023 02:00 UTC-4 (New York)
  • March 28, 2023 23:00 UTC-7 (Los Angeles)


Speakers from across Europe, the United-States and Asia will share their perspective on the possibility of the Fashion Industry adopting digital fashion & Web3, give insights on digital fashion trends, sustainable phygital fashion, 3D and immersive fashion shows, brands and creators IP protection, and the Metaverse.
Leslie Holden
The Digital Fashion Group, Brussels
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Beata Wilczek
Unfolding Strategies, Berlin
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Kun-Chou Tsai
Managing Partner
Enlighten Law Group, Taipei
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Olska Green
Founder & Designer
Ecoolska, Lisbon
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Rene Fang
iStaging, Taipei
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Jens Laugesen
Design & Creative Director
Jens Laugesen, London
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Sean Chiles
The Digital Fashion Group, Tábua, Portugal
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Dr Roger Ng
Honorary Chairman
Hong Kong Chinese Textile Mills Association
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Florence Lu
Associate Professor
Shih Chien University, Taipei
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René Petrevski
Business Development Manager
STYLE Protocol, Berlin
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Cheua-Hei Chan
Aurar, Berlin
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Nico Owsianowski
Aurar, Berlin
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Urja Kumbhare
Co-Founder & Director
Opulentia Designs LLP, Mumbai
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Hena Venugopal
Envied Futur, Coppell, Texas
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KC Man
Virtual Touch Group Limited, Hong Kong
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Claire Chang
Techmoi.com, Taipei
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Jackaline Tang
Gaming Partnerships Manager
Brand New Vision, Hong Kong
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Ching-Hua Lin
DigiFashion Forum, Taipei
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All times are GMT+8 (Taiwan, HK, SG)

14:00 - 14:15

Opening Remarks

Online and on site

14:15 - 15:15

The Development Status and Future Trend of Digital Fashion, What It Means to the Fashion Value Chain

Online and on site

15:15 - 16:15

Fashion & Culture in Web3


16:15 - 17:15

Navigating Intellectual Property Challenges in the Age of NFTs and Generative AI


17:15 - 18:15

Upcycling and Sustainable Approach Initiatives in Phygital Fashion


18:20 - 19:20

Panel Discussion : How Technology Leads Digital Collectibles into the Metaverse


19:20 - 20:20

Designer's Night : Bringing Creativity & Emerging Technologies into the Metaverse at London Fashion Week


20:20 - 20:30

Closing Remarks


Day 2 Agenda Coming Soon...

Day 3 Agenda Coming Soon...


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Are you coming for Taipei Fashion Week?

If you are coming for Taipei Fashion Week, the DigiFashion Forum is your last stop. This hybrid event will be held online and at the TungLee Academy in Taipei. Join us to meet industry leaders, digital artists, and entrepreneurs for conversations, discussions, networking and business opportunities. The opening session (keynote) will be streamed from the venue in Taipei. Other sessions until 6pm will be shown on screen.

No. 256, Section 1, Dihua St, Datong District, Taipei City, 103

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